What do we do?

Geosciences and Natural Resources are an integral part of daily life – much more than we are probably aware of. Clean drinking water, sand and clay for building houses, energy and heat are just as much a part of geoscientific research as protecting human lives from georisks.

The INRI [an integral part of International Finance Corporation LTD Group (www.intfico.com)] is committed to sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the human habitat. As a neutral institution feeling responsible for the future we advise ministries and act as partners in industry and science. The leading motive of our daily work is

Improvement of Living Conditions by sustainable use of Natural Resources.

We are an internationally organized multi-disciplinary centre for research, consultancy and education for the management of natural resources.

The Institute’s Information Program integrates and provides comprehensive information about world natural resources and environment to support effective decision-making at local, governmental and supra-governmental levels. We do work with different Universities and institutes worldwide to make information, text, data, maps, photographs, video and more easily accessible to researchers and the public through web-based portals. Additional partners include the ESA (European Space Agency) and other federal and state agencies.

The Institute of Natural Resources’ Policy Research Program identifies and clarifies policy issues and provides relevant, science-based information so policy makers and citizens can obtain unbiased, independent expert advice. Based on independent analysis of the best available information, INRI develops, tests and implements new policy making methods and tools, responding to requests from citizens, businesses and agencies at different levels. All Institute projects are grounded in rigorous criteria and take advantage of expertise.

The Program identifies research necessary to address resource policy and management challenges and facilitates responsive interdisciplinary studies. The Institute’s program complements research conducted through universities, public agencies and private business. INRI research produces studies that describe and quantify status and trends of environment and natural resources and studies on key environmental and management questions requested by different governmental or private organizations. The Institute adds value through its network of scientists on environmental monitoring, research evaluation and prioritization, environmental indicator development and biodiversity assessments.

And last but least we do finance prospection studies and the actual mineralogical  operation through our network of funds and banks within our own structure.